Teen Titans Pornography Story: Cyborg’s Decision

Teen Titans Pornography Story: Cyborg’s Decision

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“ROBIN, YOUR NUTS!” Beast Boy yelled at the top of his lunges. The titans had been argueing for over an hour now. Robin looked at Beast Boy cooling, repeating himself for what had to be the hundreth time. “We don’t have a choice. The Hive are growing bolder with every passing week.” He pointed to a picture on the wall, showing a burnt down building. “ That is the third Hive attack this week. We have no choice but to storm their base and wipe them out. We finally know where their base is, so now is the time to strike.”

The Hive were a criminal organization made up of teenagers and kids with super powers. The Hive had been giving the Titans a lot of trouble, especially since they didn’t know where the Hive’s hidden Headquarters were. Finally Robin had managed to plant a tracker on one of them to locate their base. They had located the base a few hours ago, and ever since then the Titans had argued over how to defeat the Hive. Robin wanted to sneak in to the base and launch an all out offensive against the Hive from with in their base. Every one else had different ideas, but only Beast Boy was speaking out against Robins plan.

“ They Hive out number us 10 to 1!” Beast Boy yelled. “ If we go charging in we’re toast!” Robin sighed shook his head. “ Look, I know that they out number us, but we have the element of surprise. The last thing they’ll expect us to do is sneak in and attack them. And if we attack them when they least expect it, we can pick them off one by one.”

Beast Boy shook his head and finally turned away and looked at Star Fire and Raven for help. “What do you two think?” Raven remained lost in thought for a moment before speaking up. “ I think I’m with Beast Boy on this one. We know where they are. And as long as they don’t know that we know where they are, we can take our time.” Beast boy threw his hands up in the air and smiles. “See Robin, she agrees with me. And Ravin NEVER agrees with me! What do you say we try to think of something that doesn’t end up getting us all killed.”

At that moment Star Fire spoke up. “ We do not know much about them. What if we were to send someone into the Hive to learn of their ways. Would it not be wiser to wait until we know more of them before we strike?” Robin stopped and stood still, thinking. Finally he nodded his head slowly. “That is a good idea. And I know just the guy.” He turned and looked a t Cyborg. “ ME?” he asked. “ Are you nuts? I stand out more than anybody else. Why would I get in?”

Robin smiled slightly. “Because you won’t be you.” All the other Titans looked at him in confusion. Beast Boy finally spoke first. “ Uh, Robin. I think you’ve been spending too much time in that lab of yours. How is Cyborg not going to be Cyborg?” Robin walked out of the room and disappeared. A few moments later he walked into the room and tossed a couple of ring looking devices to Cyborg. Those are Cybernetic Alteristic Projector. They will make you look and feel human, but your body will maintain your cybernetic powers, abilities and strengths. Also, I programmed them to give you the power to turn your entire body into stone, making you stronger and tougher than ever. That way, the Hive will feel like they could use you. With those you will be able to infiltrate the Hive.”

Robin stopped talking and looked at the others. “Well, what do you think?” The others looked at each other and nodded and gave their consent. Finally they were all starring at Cyborg, who was still starring at the rings in his hand. It will make me Human? Why the hell didn’t he give it to me BEFORE! Cyborg’s thoughts raced, barely able to contain his mounting rage. How long has he had those. I could have been human for god knows how long, and he gives it to me NOW! But he noticed the other Titans looking at him, their faces expecting his answer, so he nodded and suppressed his urge to punch Robin in the face.

Sure. I’ll do it.” But while the other Titans smiled and nodded, he walked up to Robin and grabbed him by the shirt and lifted him off the ground. He leaned down until he was face to face with Robbin and growled. “But Robin, when I get back, you and I need to have a chat.” With that he threw Robin to floor and stormed out of the room, slamming the doors behind him. The titans looked from the banging doors to Robin lying on the floor. Beast Boy being who he was, spoke first. “ Uh, guys. Any of you know what that was about.”


1 week later


It had taken three days for the Titans to come up with their plan. Cyborg would where the rings and pretend to be Stone, a teenage criminal with super human strength and the ability to turn his entire body to stone, hence the name. It took another four days for the Hive to strike again, and when they did, the Teen Titans put their plan into action. When the call came in that three Hive members were robbing a warehouse, Robin, Beast Boy, Raven and Star Fire all took off, while Cyborg went over his outfit one last time. He was wearing jeans, though they were three times thicker than normal jeans. He put on a tight black t-shirt that showed off his muscular body. He put on steel armbands that covered his wrists, and finally he slid a steel headband on his shaved head.

He looked over himself one last time, marveling at himself. I look exactly how I did before the accident. Well, not exactly, I’m a lot more muscular now, but hey, I like that. Cyborg sighed and shook his head. “Time to go, Stone.” He told himself, using his secret identity to remind him of his fake name. It would be really, REALLY bad if he accidently gave his real name while inside the Hive. He grabbed a duffel bag full of money, jewels and valuable technology that the Titans had bought, but had been anounced over the news that the goods had been stolen. When he showed up at the Hive hq, it would be good to have some stolen goods to prove that was a criminal.

Cyborg, went outside and got on his motorcycle. Can’t use my car, they’d notice it. But this aint so bad, I’ve always wanted to be a biker. Cyborg grinned to himself and took off, speeding down the streets of the city, slowly heading towards the warehouse, giving the Titans and the Hive some time to battle, and to make it look like he wasn’t with them. Hooking up with the Hive team without them being suspicious in any way was crucial, and if he arrived with the Titans, they would be very suspicious.

A few minutes later the warehouse came into view, and as he neared, he could begin to hear the sounds of yelling, screams and explosions. Jesus, it sounds like an all out battle in there. I wonder how the Titans are doing. Well, the only remaining question is who do I fight? As Cyborg thought about this, an idea came to him, and he grinned as he stopped his bike and jumped off. As he headed towards the back door, he thought happily. Beast Boy, its time to pay you back for all those pranks you played on me. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation. This is going to be good.

He opened the door and crept inside. He saw a ladder and climbed up to get a better vantage point of the battle. The warehouse was huge. For the most part it was empty, all the stored items were lined against the walls, leaving a large empty space in the center where the Titans were battling the Hive. When he looked at the Hive to see which members they were, Cyborg swore to himself. It was Jinx, Gizmo and Mammoth, the Hive’s top members. The Teen Titans had battled these guys over a dozen times during the last six months, and they had never captured them.

Jinx was an attractive looking girl(at least to Cyborg) with pink hair and who was about the same age as Cyborg. She could use her powers to give her enemies bad luck, a on top of that, she had powerful attack spells and she always had a few tricks up her sleeve. Gizmo was a small kid who could make illusion copies of himself, making it impossible to know which one was real. He also lived up to his name, always having a small arsenal of technology on him at all times. Finally, Mammoth was a giant red haired brute who was all brawn and no brain. The three of them combined were a tough team to beat, and the Titans were having a hard time dealing with them. Jinx and Raven were dueling, their magic and spells flying all around them. Robin was fighting Mammoth, his speed making up for his opponants superior strength. Star Fire and Beast Boy were both trying to take out Gizmo, but were having little luck since right now there were about 20 copies of him flying all around.

Cyborg waited for a few more moments, observing the battle, trying to decide the best time to jump in. Finally the moment came a little while later when Star Fire managed to hit Gizmo’s jet pack which sent him flying into a wall. As he fell to the ground, all his copies disappeared. Beast Boy and Star Fire closed in to make sure he stayed out of the fight, and at that moment, Cyborg crouched low and leaped off the balcony, landing right behind Beast Boy and Star. As he landed he grabbed Star by the legs and swung her around in a cirlce several times before letting go, sending her flying through the air and into a pile of crates. As she slammed into them, he winced. Sorry Star, he thought to himself. I didn’t mean to throw her so hard, but I have to make this look convincing. I’ll make it up to her later. But as Beast Boy turned around and looked at him, Cyborg grinned maliciously. He swung his fist forward and punched Beast Boy square in the jaw, knocking him clean off his feet. That was for all the tin can jokes you made to me over the years. As Beast Boy got up and looked at him, Cyborg grinned and said to him. “You know, I really am enjoying this.” He straitened up and looked down at Beast Boy and said with a smile. “This is going to be fun.”

At this point Beast Boy had had enough. “I show you fun.” He growled, and transformed into a massive gorilla, roaring a challenge at Cyborg. Cyborg grinned and activated his new power, turning his entire body into stone. As he felt his body instantly turn into rock, he noticed that he grew taller, thicker and stronger. Beast Boy and hims circled each other for a moment. This felt just like any of their many sparing sessions back at the training room in Titan tower, but this time it a lot was on the line, so Cyborg couldn’t afford to loose. Finally Beast Boy charged him and as he drew near and leapt into the air, intent on tackling Cyborg, one of his favorite tricks. He never learns, does he. Cyborg thought with a shake of his head. As Beast Boy slammed into him, Cyborg dove backward, grabbing Beast Boys hand in the process. Using their combined momentum, he catapulted Beast Boy through the air and into the stone wall on the opposite side of the warehouse.

Cyborg rose to his feet and turned around and surveyed the remaining fights. Robin was still fighting Mammoth furiously, and Jinx and Raven were fighting at the other end of the warehouse, their spells had almost destroyed their half of the warehouse. He turned back to Gizmo who was laying on the ground, still dazed. Cyborg turned around and ran off to the next fight. As he approached Raven and Jinx, and turned back into human and stayed in the shadows, not wanting to give himself away. As he neared, Raven managed to blast Jinx off her feet and into the wall only a few feet from where he was hiding.. As she tried to get to her feet, Raven waved her left hand and pinned Jinx to the ground. She then used her other hand and lifted a giant steel container high into the air, clearly intent on smashing Jinx with it. “ Dodge this!” Raven yelled as she hurled the container down at Jinx, Cyborg turned into stone made his move. He grabbed a metal crate and hurled it with all his might, striking Raven in the chest and knocking her out to the floor in. When she fell to the ground her spell that was holding Jinx down ended. He bolted forward, picked up Jinx and dove out of the way as the giant container slammed into the wall behind them.

Cyborg rose to his feet, Jinx still in his arms. He looked down at her to see that she was starring at him, blushing slightly. “Uh, thank for that. Who are you?” She said ocwardly. Cyborg lowered her to her feet and turned back to face Raven. “We should introductions for after the fights over.” But as he spoke he turned back to Jinx and grinned slightly. “For now lets just say I’m a friend, Jinx.” Her eyes widened , and when he realized he had said her name he winced on the inside. “ How do you no my name?” She asked, suddenly looking at him warily. Cyborg said the first thing that came to mind. “I’ve heard of the Hive before, and I saw you fight the Titans a couple months ago. I heard your teammates yell your name, and well, lets just say since then I haven’t forgotten you.” He turned away and ran off toward Robin and Mammoth, leaving a blushing and stunned Jinx behind him.

Robin and Mammoth were still fighting, and it looked like they were evenly matched. Robin, looks like I’m gonna have to tip the scales on this one. As he neared Robin did a back flip and in the process he saw Cyborg coming. He reached for his belt and threw a ball at Cyborg, as it neared the ball exploded in his face, blinding him. But Cyborg kept charging anyway. His sight soon returned and he saw Robin only few feet in front of him. He put his hands out in front of him and slowed down a little as if he was blind. But as he neared Robin, and dove forward an grabbed Robin’s feet. Cyborg Leapt to his feet, tossing Robin into the air with ease. As he came back down, Cyborg threw back his fist and used the rings to make his arm even harder and heavier. This is for keeping me in the dark about these rings! Cyborg thought, and with that he swung with all his might. His stone fist hit Robin square in the chest and sent Robin flying. Cyborg had been careful as to where he had stood and what angle he had punched Robin from, and he was rewarded with the delight of watching Robin crash through a window and disappear from view.

Cyborg turned around to make sure all the Titans were down. Sorry Raven and Star, I didn’t mean to be so rough, but I had to make it convincing. As for Robin and Beast Boy, that will teach with them to mess with me. He felt bad about hurting his teammates, well, a few of them anyways. But knew that he still had to convince Jinx, Gizmo and Mammoth that they should bring him back to their base. So he threw his arms into the air and yelled at the top of his lungs. “Bo yea, Baby! And that’s how I role! Stone 1, Titans 0! Now lets grab what we want and get the heel out of hear!” And with that he walked over to his bag and headed for the door.

But as he approached the door, he heard a voice from behind him. “Hey, wait a second!” He turned to see Jinx running towards, while Mammoth checked on Gizmo. When she reached him he said. “This better be important, in a few minutes this place is going to be crawling with an armies worth off police armed for combat. Not to mention the fact the Titans could wake up at any second. The last thing we need is the Titans waking up angry as hell and an army of police to back them up.

They heard a yell, and they turned back to see Mammoth kicking Gizmo to see if he was awake. Jinx turned back to Cyborg and said. “Look, my teammates may never admit it, but you just saved our butts and trashed the Titans at the same time. You say you’ve heard about the Hive. Then you must know that some one like you, I mean, some one with your power would be welcomed with open arms. Especially after just beating the crap out the Titans.” She paused and looked at him, smiling. “ SO what do you say. Will come with us. I don’t know who you are, or if you have any allies. But I do know that with the Hive at your side, you could do a lot more than you could by yourself. So what do you say? Will you come with me?” She was speaking quickly, and when she finished, Cyborg raised an eyebrow. “Come with you?” He asked, emphasizing the last part. Jinx blushed and blurted out. “What I meant was-” Cyborg raised a hand and smiled. “Relax, I know what you meant.”

Jinx blushed again slightly and asked again. “So, will you come with us?” Cyborg was quite for a moment, pretending to think about her offer. Finally he nodded and smiled. “Alright, you’re on.” Cyborg hoisted his bag over his shoulder and said. “I was getting tired of working alone. I always had to look over my shoulder, and every time I tried to do something, the Titans or some other group of super hero’s would be breathing down my neck. Having friends will be a nice change.” He looked at Jinx and held out his hand, grinning. “My names Stone.” Jinx shook his hand and smiled. “ My names Jinx.” She started walking towards her friends and Cyborg followed. She pointed at them and said. “The big guys Mammoth, and the short guys Gizmo, only, don’t call him short, he doesn’t like it.” When they approached the two boys, they realized that the two of them were fighting. Jinx sighed and yelled. “Will you two knock it off, I want to introduce the Hives newest member.” That seemed to get their attention, because they instantly stooped fighting and walked over.

Gizmo floated up to Cyborg’s eye lever and studied him intently. Finally he nodded at something and said. “You rely on your muscle and your toughness, but at least you fight with your head, and you did save me from getting my butt whipped from those two Titans. My names Gizmo.” Gizmo then turned around and went to work, searching through the crates. Mammoth came up to Cyborg and stood in front of him, studying his body, sizing him up.

Finally the brute clenched one fist and punched Cyborg in the stomach. Cyborg knew that Mammoth was testing him, and if he tried to dodge the punch or block it, he would fail. So he did the next best thing, he used his rings to harden his stomach muscles. Even then, he could feel blow, but he didn’t move an inch or wince. After a moment Mammoth pulled his fist back and grinned. “Your one tough guy. Who knows, you may even be as strong as me.” With that he turned around and went after Gizmo, though weather to help him or resume their fight, Cyborg didn’t know. He turned back to Jinx and looked at her. She shrugged and said helplessly. “You may not believe it, but coming from those two, those are pretty big compliments. Come on, you can give us a help with the stuff we came for and head home.”

As she headed off after her teammates, he turned around and looked at the Titans, wondering if they were really hurt, or if they were faking. As he starred out the window he had tossed Robin, a shadow caught his attention. As he looked more carefully, he could see Robin standing in the shadows looking at him. Robin was looking at him, his face unreadable. Finally, he raised his hand and gave Cyborg a salute and disappeared out the window. Cyborg turned and headed after Jinx and the others. Soon they were all carrying bags full of stolen goods and headed out. Gizmo lead the way, Mammoth and Jinx on either side of Cyborg. Finally they reached an abandoned building, and they snuck in. They finally reached the basement. Gizmo reached into his shirt and pulled out a device that resembled a garage door opener. He clicked it and pointed it at a blank wall. Moments later a reinforced steel door appeared. Jinx looked at him and smiled. “Welcome to the Hive!” And with that she headed through the door, followed by Gizmo and Mammoth.

As Cyborg stood before the door to a stronghold filled with countless powerful enemies and god knows what traps and weapons designed to kill outsiders and intruders, he breathed deeply, mustering his determination. And with that he strode forward into darkness, the door shutting behind him, ceiling him inside with all of the Hive and their mysterious leader. Here goes nothing. He thought.

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