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3 way

This comic has no dialog or text. It’s very rare to find these in comics. The plot is easy and doesn’t detract from the exciting adventure of Starfire, Raven and Robin at night in the Titans Tower. And what a bunch of young superheroes do at nights? They’re fucking like bunnies in every possible way! Who needs to read dialogue or text?

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Go! boink

Set of colorful and quite intense stories from the life of the Teen Titan team that will be dedicated to one main theme – theme of fucking! Rough sex, romantic sex and lesbian sex – the group of characters lets you put them into many various situations that will reveal their most hidden sexual desires! Of course, you’ll be getting the best seats to take pleasure in these all!

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Second Opportunity Extended

Blackfire, formerly an unpopular girl who was a bad girl, has now joined the Teen Titans team. It’s not exactly what you’d think however it’s a lot of fun and lots of hard sexual sex. Most likely, if Blackfire knew that it would be happening like this then she would have changed her side long before! Maybe she’s not swicthing any side at all? Sex and intrigue are coming!

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