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It has been clear that Blackfire isn't as good as Starfire and she'll need to begin her training right away. At first, she's going to love it much, but it appears like in order to defeat Starfire in the next battle she'll have to master everything Starfire has learned while on the planet Earth… and it starts with a lot of the most intense sexual sex!

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Teen Titans – What friends are for

Raven was visiting Beast Boy. They started to kiss, and Raven is already wet from intimate caresses. She lays on her knees and starts sucking on green cock , licking it up and down. Beast Boy then fucks Raven in her pink cunt over and over again. Beast Boy takes a walk with Raven. Raven was getting ready for her boyfriend to come back to her home and they begin to kiss in a passionate way. Then Raven is drinking Beast Boy's dickand balls until he fires his massive load.

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3 way

This comic has no dialog or text. It’s very rare to find these in comics. The plot is easy and doesn’t detract from the exciting adventure of Starfire, Raven and Robin at night in the Titans Tower. And what a bunch of young superheroes do at nights? They’re fucking like bunnies in every possible way! Who needs to read dialogue or text?

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