TeenTitans Pornography Story: A fresh Acquaintance A fresh threat A fresh story II Chapter Six

TeenTitans Pornography Story: A fresh Acquaintance A fresh threat A fresh story II Chapter Six

Titan’s Tower

Phoatu: “I’ll come back when I’ve collected all of the gems.” He was
stopped right before he walked through the doors.

Raven: “before you go. here.” She took off her cloak and handed it to him.

Blackfire: “this is about you getting your powers back isn’t it? What do
you care about more? Your own selfish life or your friends?”

Phoatu: “Raven, I promise I’ll come back as soon as I can.”

(one month later)

Hiroshima Ruins, Japan

A man in a purple cloak is seen walking through a large field. Cherry
blossom leaves glide across the air with help of the winds. His hood was
down, revealing black, spiky hair.

Phoatu: “ironic that the first place I go to find a samurai is
the weapon I’m using is a katana. *laughs to himself* how fitting.” The
purple cloak was Raven’s. oddly, it was not short. It actually dragged on
the floor. But it hid every part of his body except for his helmet and
head. As he was walking across the field, he suddenly smacked into a flat
surface. He looked around, puzzled. He noticed that quite a few leaves had
collected in four straight parallel lines. “hmm.” he reached forward to see
if he felt anything. As soon as his hands toughed something solid, he fell
face forward onto a polished wood floor. He got up and saw a giant red and
white 12 story pagoda. He looked at the hole he had made. “that explains
the paper wall” he said, rubbing the arm he fell on. He waked into the
first floor and saw no staircase. He heard what sounded like turning gears.
He slid the cloak to one side and drew his daikatana. Wooden pillars fell
from the roof to crush him. He danced around, barely dodging each of them.
One of them caught the cloak.

Phoatu: #I can’t die now! I still have to keep my promise to raven. # he
slashed at the pillar three times, causing a few chunks of wood to slide
apart, freeing him. He jumped on the sides of the pillars to the second
floor. Arrows flew at him from the support beams. With his arms stretched
forward he spun rapidly, blocking the arrows with his armguards and sword.
He jumped through the opening above him on to the third floor. There were
three poles each with a flat S- shaped tube going through them. They began
to spin at high speeds, launching sprays of throwing knives and shurikens.
He somersaulted and back flipped to catch a few of them and dodge more
blades than you can count hairs on a man’s head. He threw a few shurikens
at the poles, cutting off the tubes and disabling their ability to throw.
He picked up some of the throwing knives and shurikens. (the shurikens had
three curved blades with a spike between each blade. The throwing knives
are 6 inches.) out of nowhere two kama (12 in. stick with a curved knife
sticking out of the side of the tip) flew at him. He jumped up and dodged
the kama, and found himself looking at a samurai in shiny green armor. The
samurai drew two more kama and lunged at Phoatu. Phoatu drew his sword out
in front of him and the samurai went right into it.

Phoatu: “WHAT THE??!!” the samurai landed on his feet. The sword had
flicked back after touching it’s armor. “your armor isn’t made out of
normal metal is it?”

Emerald samurai: “Grunt!” he made a few ‘lazy’ slashes at Phoatu. He began
to slash faster and faster until he landed a hit across Phoatu’s chest.
Phoatu gripped the long handle of the daikatana with both hands and
furiously attacked the samurai, only for his attacks to bounce back off the
samurai’s armor. He continued at this until he found a soft spot: the upper
limbs. The neck, upper arms, and thighs were unprotected. He went for a
straight slash down to his arm, but with one kama he held the sword and
stuck the other kama in phoatu’s hip.

Phoatu: “AARGH!!” he jumped back in pain and pulled out the kama. The
samurai extended his arm and one of the kamas from the floor below flew to
his hand. Phoatu pulled the kama so it’s bade got out of his hip and did
something unexpected. He jumped into the air and brought his sword point
down to the samurai’s head. The samurai used both kamas to block this.
Phoatu left his sword between the kamas and grabbed the one that was in his
him. He landed behind the samurai, put the kama next to the samurai’s neck,
twisted his hand so the blade was in front of the neck, and pulled back.

Phoatu: “one down, five to go.” He limped over to the glowing samurai. It
began to shrink back into a small oval emerald. When he picked it up, it
disintegrated and appeared on his forehead. New knowledge rushed through
his mind.


by shouting “(name of gem) form” the gem appears on his forehead and he has
the ability to summon the gem’s elemental powers and weapons.

only able to summon gem form when having defeated the gem’s guardian.

Only able to learn what element each gem has and what weapon the guardian
wields after defeating the guardian and touches the gem.

I’m just gonna tell you what I what. But mind you Phoatu still doesn’t know
of this so far. (except for the emerald bit.) if you don’t know what the
name of a weapon is: go to google and search in the image section for the
weapon. I have checked and the names are spelled right.

Amber: lightning/wind, thrown weapons
Emerald: earth, kama

Sapphire: water/ice, glaive
Ruby: fire, sai

Diamond: light, katana (of all kinds) Onyx: dark, bo-staff with
concealed swords

Phoatu: “good. Next stop: Mt. Everest.” (guess which is the next one.)

Titan’s tower

Raven is in her room, lying down, reading her spell book. *scratch*
*scratch* she jumped. She went to open the door and saw a gray cat with
green eyes on the other side. She picked up the cat and saw a letter on the
collar. She closed the door and set the cat down to start reading the

Dear Raven:
I draw closer to completing my quest. So far, I have the following: the
Emerald of Earth, two cool kamas I can use when I summon the gem, your
undamaged cloak, your daikatana, a hole in my hip, and a hole in my heart.
I miss you all and I wish to finish my quest as soon as I can.

P.S. I remembered how much you and Starfire gad looked at the cats in the
petshop in SeaSide Mall. So I thought I’d return a favor and get you this
cat. I know it may seem like I still have an eternity before I collect the
remaining gems. But if that’s what I must do to regain my powers, so be it.
About that thing Blackfire said: I care more about my life. But don’t get
upset, you and the rest of the gang ARE my life.

With love and care, Alex.


So I can keep a promise to my older sister, about that “if you were to pick
your life or your friends, I’d pick life cuz my friends are my life” she

Phoatu’s quest (continuation of the whole gem quest)


A new friend A new a new threat A new.. Trip to Florida??
(skips the whole phoatu’s quest thing and goes right to when it’s over.)

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