Teenage Titans Pornography Story: Merry Buddies and Family Day Chapter 1

Teenage Titans Pornography Story: Merry Buddies and Family Day Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I own nothing, not teen titans, not the department store, not
Christmas, Not the calendar… In short, I own nothing.

It was the 23rd of December and the Teen Titans were finishing their
Christmas shopping. Starfire and Robin were waiting in line at the
department store along with many other last minute shoppers. One thing
still troubled Starfire. What were the holidays for?

“Robin? What are these special days that you call holidays and why must we
buy these presents?” Star asked.

“Well, it began-…” he was cut short because the line had moved, and it
was their turn to buy.

They purchased their gifts and headed outside to meet the others who had
also come to the mall to buy last minute gifts.


“Hey, could you get the lights?” Cyborg could be heard asking BB while they
trimmed the tree. Beastboy turned into a bird and carried the lights in his
beak around the tree. Then, just for fun, he grabbed another string of
lights and wrapped them around Raven who was sitting on the couch reading.

“What the-… That isn’t funny.” Raven said, who was now tangled in the

“It SO is.” BB, who had returned to his human form, said while laughing his
head off along with Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire.

“Sure. Tis the season,” Raven mused as she levitated a wreath and placed BB
in the middle of it. Starfire, Robin and Cyborg started laughing even

“Hey!” BB said as he shook it off and ran outside.

Slowly but surely the Titans stopped laughing and returned to decorating.
Starfire asked again, “Robin, What are the holidays?”

“They’re times to celebrate.” Robin answered.

“Celebrate what? On my planet we celebrate like this for the winning of a
war. Tell me, did we win a war?”

“No. Here, the holidays aren’t for battles, they’re-…” He was cut off as
a snowball came flying from the hall. It appeared BB had come back and was
ready for revenge.

The original target of the snowball had been Raven, but it missed and hit
Cyborg. He was not pleased. “This means WAR little man!”

“Boys.” Raven said in a monotone voice as Cyborg headed outside for snow
and a snowball war erupted.


It was Christmas Morning and one by one, everyone filtered into the living
room though Star and Robin were the first down there. Everyone was happy
and excited, even the emotionless Raven. Starfire was by far the most
excited though. She had never seen this many gifts addressed to her and
under a beautiful tree.

“Robin, why are there presents for this holiday?” Starfire asked.

“They represent God’s gift of Jesus and goodwill towards all.” Robin

“God? Jesus? What?”

“God is the one all powerful force in the world that Christians, Muslims,
and Jews believe in. For Christians, Jesus is the son of God and our
savior. For the others, he is a prophet.”

“So… Christmas is a religious holiday? I do not feel comfortable
celebrating this holiday if it for a religion I know little about.”

“Relax. Christmas isn’t just about God and Jesus. It’s also about moral
good, peace, friendship, and family.”

“So we are celebrating family and friends?”


“Then why did Cyborg and Beastboy start a war so close to the day for

“People have different ways of showing their friendship. A friendly
snowball fight is one of the countless ways.

The others walked in and Starfire greeted them. “Merry Friends and Family

The others looked confused while Robin just nodded his head. “Hey Star,
isn’t it Merry Christmas?” BB asked.

“Yes, for religious people. It is Merry Friends and Family Day for others!”

The Titans smiled and started exchanging gifts all the while being thankful
for each other.


On the 26th, Starfire looked at the calendar Robin had given her that had
13 months. For December, there were 3 other holidays she had not heard
about. She went to the living room to inquire. “What are these other
holidays at this time of year, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve?”

“Chanukah is the Jewish celebration of the miracle of the oil that lasted 8
days, and the retaking of their temple,” BB supplied.

“Kwanzaa is the celebration of family, community, and the African culture,”
stated Cyborg.

“New Year’s Eve is a reflection of the year past, and the hope of a bright
future and a new start,” said Raven.

“I think…” Starfire paused then finished, “I think I see it now. Your
Earthly holidays, especially in this cold season, celebrate not victory or
conquest like on my planet, but peace, hope, and friendship,”

To this Robin said, “Exactly Star. Happy Holidays everybody.”

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